Petzl Pick and Spike Protection Review


The Petzl Pick and Spike Protection set is designed to protect the points of Mountaineering axes. The set consists of two pieces. One for the axe pick and one for a traditional flat mountaineering axe spike.  Both pieces are made of a soft yet durable rubber and fit the majority of ice picks, crampon front points and mountaineering axes

The pick protector has two parts that the pick is inserted into. The pick is first slid into the lock mechanism and then into the protector. If the pick protector is jostled around, it can not fbut can be used on most axe picks and front pointsIMG_0013

The Pick Protector on the Camp Frontier mountaineering axe

IMG_0007The spike protector also has two parts to it.  One part is the toggle that goes through the hole in the spike and tethers the protector to the tool.  The other part is the spike protector itself and slides over the spike.  The spike protector is designed for use on traditional flat metal spikes.  It will not work on rounded spikes or spikes created by aluminum shafts.

The spike protector does not fit on a large variety of mountaineering axes and ice tools


The spike protector on the Givel G-1


Bottom Line: The pick protectors are great a variety of tools  such as technical ice tools and mountaineering axes.  The spike protector is much less useful as it works on a small percentage of tools.  For most people, buying the set will be worth it just to use the pick protector.

Pros: durable, fits most tools, protects spike and picks well.

Cons: Unable to purchase spike and pick protectors separately, spike protector only fits old flat style spikes.

MSRP: $9.95

Competitors: BD Spike Protector, BD Pick Protector, BD Ice Axe Protector, Grivel Axe Guard

Compatible Picks: BD Laser, BD Ice Pick, BD Ice + Pick, BD Alpine Pick, Petzl Ice, Petzl Dry, Petzl Pur’ice Alpix

Compatible Mountaineering Axes: Petzl Sum’tec, Givel G-1, IceRock Idol




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